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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Know More About 'Thor' In Just 8 Fun WebComic Panels

Since this whole week was all about the buzz on Marvel Studio's latest superhero film Thor, why not spend a couple of minutes of your precious time learning more on the history of the hammer-wielding Thunder God of Asgard with a cool original comic by artist Chris Haley and Curt Franklin of the webcomic site Let's Be Friends Again , featured on Comics Alliance's "Comics Everybody!" segment. 

I honestly don't know anything about Thor before I watched the movie except that he has a fucking magical hammer that he throws around, and this web comic helped me more ways than one on knowing more about his illustrious comic book career, even giving me a clear answers on questions like:  why is there a gigantic frog that exactly look like him in some of his stories?   Is he still a virgin?  Those kinds of questions. 

Want answers? Head over to the whole thing by clicking on the link above. 

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