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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally... 'Smallville' is over.

And it was awesome. To me, no matter what the critics say, the last minutes of the series was emotional (yes, only the last minutes because the first 45+ was nothing but nonsense crap) and was a nice fit. Though, Clark doesn't get a full shot with the suit, unless its with some bad CGI effects. 

But despite the long wait and watching all the crap take place before the best moments kicked in, time turned back for and I was a kid again, getting all giddy and excited waiting for Clark Kent (Tom Welling) to become the greatest hero God's green earth will ever know: the one every hero aspires to be - Superman. I can't explain with words how much the final minutes of 'Smallville' was like, but I could definitely say that it was an EPIC and even better in a some ways than the final scenes of Brian Singer's Superman Returns (again except for the bad special effects and corny cliches). 

There's Jonathan Kent giving Clark his suit, Clark flying in the air for the first time and becoming Supes, and finally the iconic shirt rip that I've been wanting so see. Plus the greatest Lex Luthor of all time,  Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) was back for this finale. 

To top it all off,  the ending send chills down my spine that I have never felt since Richard Donner's first Superman film starring the late Christopher Reeve - thanks to that familiar 'Superman theme' as all these moments unveiled before my eyes. That tune never fails to capture the very essence of the whole franchise and the character itself.  It was magical. 

Thank you for the wonderful 10 years 'Smallville'. To all its creators, producers, directors, and cast... thank you for giving us a great show and and ending -  that despite all the bad moments, the nonsense and the ridiculous Supes CGI that ranks as one of the worst in TV history - couldn't have been any better for me. Thank you.

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