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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'Wonder Woman' Pilot Screencaps And Review [Link]

Reminded me of Ozymandias in "Watchmen"
I'm guessing you already know that the "Wonder Woman" TV series is completely thrown out of the window after failing to impress network executives. But hey, that didn't stop iFanboy's Conor Kilpatrick go CIA-style and impressively grab a copy of the pilot episode featuring our favorite Amazon princess - and even reviews it for cripes sakes, stating that: "the streamlining of the script worked in the pilot's favor". 

I gotta tell you guys, that news made me really mad somehow, because WE ARE NOT GOING TO SEE THE A SINGLE WONDER WOMAN ACTION SCENE ON OUR TELEVISION SETS. Really sad.

Anyway, the least we can do right now is can bask in some Adrianne Palicki badassery rocking the costume (less the tight pants) with these photos below, coutesy of iFanboy:

Damn, Adrianne. Looking hot and confident here.

This is a bad-ass Adrianne/Wonder Woman. God, why wasn't this given a chance?

After all the fiasco and the termination of the show, I truly wish Adrianne all the best in her future endeavors. But still, I would LOVE to see her as Wonder Woman. Hopefully she gets another shot at the character - sometime in the near future.

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