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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Compilation of Some Of The Sexiest Comic-Con Cosplayers!!!

Just when I thought that I cannot blog anymore, here I am doing what I need to do to keep my  sanity. And that is by compiling my favorite cosplayer pictures  from Maximum PC's 2009 Comic-Con Cosplay article  and from DamnCoolPics. Prepare to see some of the most gorgeous, busty, sleazy, and downright yummy cosplayers to tickle with your wild imagination!


This Lara Croft is as fit and bad-ass as hell

Princess Leia never disappoints our eyes.

Look at that Supergirl hourglass! Dang!

I don't know what character she's portraying, but i know this: she's got some fine midriffs.

Everybody loves a naked elven archer every now and then, no?


She may have hypnotized a lot of guys with this outfit.

She made me realize that Elektra can go out to the beach and have some nails done.

Emma Frost is one slutty bitch, but this one with her undies is... nevermind.

Fabulous Phoenix. Gotta dig the curves and costume. Perfect.

Cute. Robin can be a girl too, you know.

Man, this has to be the BEST PIKACHU in the world!!! with a BIG  letter "B"!!!

I told you! Its PEDOBEAR with the Disney Princesses!!!

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