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Monday, February 21, 2011

Facebook Superhero Anonymous by Ashley Hay

For those of you who want to retain your anonymity in cyberspace while having a kick-ass profile picture, look no further because geek + designer Ashley Hay ( has just created some of the coolest facebook profile pics featuring your favorite superhero and pop-culture idols that a 5 year old can easily recognize.Take a look at some of them:

I didn't find Superman anywhere on her site, but fortunately, when I googled "Superman facebook anonymous" , I quickly found one and immediately used it as my profile pic on Facebook. Some of my friends commented it was a cool avatar, and as usual, I felt like an instant celebrity for 2 seconds. Haha.

The only catch is, Ashley didn't make it. 

Cool huh?
But whoever created the Superman profile pic and other great superhero anonymous together with Ashley Hay, thank you guys because you just made anonymity much fun.

More of Ashley's designs and logos on her site (link above).