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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Ramblings: Current Reading ... Cinderella by Chrissie Zullo... Superman to be "physical"... and some cool art from K.Rocafort and Olly Moss

I immediately became a fan of artist J. H. Williams III after reading is awesome work and the latest Batwoman #0 issue to which I quickly searched for his previous works. Again, I am pretty much new to comic books so anything good before the 2000s for sure is out of my radar. But thanks to the wonderful thing called the Internet, I'm able to get my hands on one of this earliest works in 1999:

Promethea with legendary author Alan Moore 

Image courtesy of DC Comics
This has 32 issues in all and I have just started reading the first 10 issues, so I won't make a review yet (later I will), but this is one of a kind comic book that mixes the superhero-action genre with spirituality, religion, magic, mysticism, and history. I'm gonna save the other details after I read it. 


I stopped reading Fables at issue #60 almost 3 weeks ago because I got a little tired reading the storylines I guess. Its not that its because of bad story telling or art - i guess its just that you have to pause a little bit and continue it later. You can't read the same thing and see the same characters all over again, can you?

Speaking of Fables, it spawned a couple of stand-alone spin-offs like Cinderella: Fables are Forever, which by the way has been released just yesterday!  . For your enticement, here is the awesome cover for its very issue #1, courtesy of the beautiful and talented Chrissie Zullo:

Superspy-ish, and chillingly sexy. Wow.

Do not forget to visit her blog and deviant page for more of her lovely artwork, and show some support by getting a copy of Cinderella Fables Are Forever # 1.


Im a sucker for anything Superman so here's another "update" concerning the upcoming 2012(?) film to be directed by Zack Snyder. According toa n interview with SFX (via ComicBookResources), Snyder says that  he thinks "Superman needs to be physical" this time around. 

Oh hell yeah, he needs to be. There have been four Superman movies already and the last time I saw him in a lot of action is way back in Superman II. He's the effin' Man of Steel anyway - faster than a speeding bullet, leaps tall buildings in a single bound, and can lift a kryptonite land as big as Los Angeles without him dying - so there is no reason why Supes can't punch something or somebody's teeth off to outer space this time. Don't fail us Zack. 

We need less of these "Atlas" themed scenes. 

Finally, two more pieces of sharp and mind-whacking art for your viewing pleasure from Kenneth Rocafort and Olly Moss:

Vicious. (Cover art for DC Comics by Kenneth Rocafort)

Wolverine or Two Batmans? (by Olly Moss)

Visit their websites at and

This is it for this week folks. Gonna take some rest 'cause its my day off. Have a great weekend everyone and take care! 

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