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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Superhero Film Galore List!

The time is fast approaching for the releases most-awaited comic book movie adaptations and to be honest, I think this year is the biggest of them all because we've got 4 big named characters showing up in latex, spandex, gloves, and a toy hammers.

Marvel is really stepping it up and is continuing their Marvel Cinematic Universe by releasing two of their biggest characters on the silver screen, while DC has finally gave one emerald police his chance to shine. Plus the battle of car transforming robots will continue to wage on for the third time and one of comic's most iconic mutant teams will tell their own beginnings during the 1960s. 

Here's the list of movies we've all been waiting for to get our eyes on (more movies after the jump):

(Now I'm wondering how am I going to watch all of these in theaters.. sheesh.)

Thor - May 6, 2011

Our Mjolnir-weilding thunder god's origins will finally be revealed after seeing his hammer at the end of Iron Man 2. 

Stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor and a recently knocked-up-by-a-ballet-dancer-but-still-hot Natalie Portman. Directed by Kenneth Branagh.

I think this is better than Marvel's official poster. 

X-Men: First Class - June 3, 2011

Another origin story for our favorite mutant team of all time set in the 1960s. Its going to be weird seeing Charles Xavier with a load of hair on his feared telephatic head. Its Wesley Gibson with uber-telekenetic powers baby! 

Will star James McAvoy (Xavier), Michael Fessbender (Magneto), January Jones (Emma Frost) and a bunch of other guys that I don't know. Directed by Michael Vaughan.

Green Lantern - June 17, 2011 

First flight for the greatest intergalactic emerald cop of all time, Hal Jordan! We will get to see the whole GL team, as well as the big-bad evil entity Parallax as well as the big-headed Dr. Hammond. Jordan conjuring giant green gloves, cannons, guns, and panties would be freaking gorgeous. 

Stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal/Green Lantern and the bearer of one of the most-desired cleavages in Hollywood today: Blake Lively as Hal Jordan's love interest, Carol Ferris. Directed by Martin Campbell.

Admit it: this is one hell of a fan-made poster.
Captain America: The First Avenger - July 22, 2011

Yes! The transformation of a frail army reject into a shield-weilding, steroid-veined, all-American kick-ass fighting machine is going to be awesome. And V's (for Vendetta) guy fawkes masked head is going to burn! Hahaha! 

Stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America and Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull. Directed by Joe Johnston.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - July 1, 2011

Neil Armstrong finds an alien spaceship filled with Cybertronian robots on the moon and a third war between the Autobots and Decepticons is on its way. (The Neil Armstrong reference is a joke). 

Stars Shia LeBeouf as Sam Whittaker our friendly neighborhood robots from another galaxy. Don't even think of Megan Fox. She's out, which is a REAL shame. Directed by Michael Bay. 

So there folks, note your calendars and save a lot of money if you're planning to watch all of these guys on your favorite theaters because those dates are not too far away from each other. I'm sure to watch Cap, Thor and GL on the big screen then the rest will be on DVD when available. 

And speaking of DVDs - don't you think it would be a GREAT idea if companies would release all four comic book movies in one package? Damn, that would be cool.

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