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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leaping Into the New Year: Hey 2011!!!

So its that time of the year again. A new year is coming and time to say goodbye to the past, so here I am writing my year end entry.

Yesterday, one friend of mine posted a status on his Facebook wall where he said that the Jan 1 should be the brother of April Fools Day because people make resolutions every year but they don't make it happen. I kinda liked it, so I "liked" his status so to speak. It was pretty clever.

Yeah, we make resolutions every year and say "yeah I'm not gonna do this anymore", but we keep on coming back to the old habits and break our promises. And I admit, I do the same thing too. But  which is better? Create resolutions, try to make them happen and try to change your self for the better, or to have never set a goal and never tried at all?

I'd go for the latter. Simply because, there's no harm in trying and I believe me when I say, better die trying than not to try at all because God will not stop believing that you can be better.

I have been at crossroads in my life, done things here and there that I really thought would help me but they didn't. Things that just offered temporary happiness but didn't give me a whole lot of true peace and joy.But God saved me and he has not abandoned me after all of the things that I have done. He has given me another chance to prove myself and work things out for his purpose.

And I know, making that complete transition is not easy because we're just human and we are wired to make mistakes but I also know that we are wired to do the right thing that's why I make the effort. And all is worthwhile because I have God to carry me through. His power is unquestionable, so I just keep on pushing forward despite all the hardships, the obstacles, and seemingly insurmountable odds, and He has always been there every step of the way. I have a long way to go in this life, and I'm thinking, what better way to spend it than to continue doing things for The Big Guy Above?

To all those who have lost hope on changing themselves, please do not give up. God has always given us the chance and has always forgiven us for everything that we have done, so continue to try and achieve your resolutions every single day, but more importantly, do everything for His name and glory. Think about God in everything that you do, praise his name every time you get the chance because he deserves nothing less than our total attention. And believe me, if you do the things that He meant you to do and take His word by heart - YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG. He is going to give you everything that could have ever asked for, including peace and joy that you can never find anywhere but from Him.

Change for the good. Change for the better. Change to bring a smile to God's face. That's what all of us should be striving to do. And not just this coming new year, but in every single day of our wonderful lives.




  1. i concur! happy new year sweety.. :)

  2. i say you don't have to wait for the new year to make a change. if you want to do something, just effing do it!