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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Superman's Secret Superpower: The Cellophane "S" Attack

Let's go back to Superman II, the movie. There was one scene where Superman (played by the immortal Christopher Reeve) was battling three of the Kryptonian prisoners who escaped from the Phantom Zone - Zod, Ursa, and Non. Non flew to attack Superman, when the Man of Steel magically conjures a cellophane "S" symbol right from his chest, then throws it at Non. The cellophane gets bigger before it hit the guy, then finally covering Non with red and yellow cellophane everywhere like he was a netted fish out of the ocean.  And to top it all off, it suddenly disappears after the poor guy hits the ground. Legendary.Click on the video below:

Why the hell should Superman have a combo attack and have it named as the "Cellophane S Throw"? Was this supposed to be his finishing maneuver? A cellophane throw that covers bad guys like sticky semen and then suddenly disappears to the victim's bewilderment? Its so bad that its hilarious and horrible at the same time. I can't still get over it after so many years. Probably the dumbest Superman scene EVER.

I'll leave you with one Youtube comment which pretty much made my day:

"My Superman T-Shirt doesn't do that shit, man"

Hahaha.. God Bless all the Superman T-shirts.

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