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Friday, December 17, 2010

Greg Horn art featuring Charmed and Jenna Jameson

Time for our usual art gallery feature where I post wonderfully made illustrations by comic book artists, be it pro or amateur. I just try to express my appreciation for comic book art I find on the web, and we have Google to thank for that.

Now we got the extremely talented artist Greg Horn who has worked with virtually every comic book company - Marvel, DC, Top Cow, Image, and some independent companies like Virgin Comics. Here featured is his magnificent poster of our three gorgeous witches for the "Charmed" comic book, and not only that, he's also got some covers for the "queen of p0rn" - Jenna Jameson's (if you don't know who Jenna is, try to Google her name. She's pretty popular)  comic book: Shadow Hunter (which I might read. Kind of intrigued. Its Jenna Jameson anyway).

You can click on the images to enlarge:

Greg's 'Shadow Hunter' Covers Featuring Jenna:

So Jenna's got other talents as well asides from.. um.. you know..
Looks pretty cool having that mystic sword

Greg's "Charmed" Poster

[Images via Greg Horn's website]


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