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Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Book Review: Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk

 Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk
Issues 6
Published by DC Comics 

Its one of those Marvel dream matches that you wanted to see. You know, the big angry green Hulk vs bigbad savage Logan aka Wolverine. One is as strong as he could possibly get when pissed off, and one is good at what he does best (and what he does is not really nice). When you put those two together, you're definitely in for some good 'ol ruckus and violence.

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk is set in Marvel universe's Ultimate Marvel imprint, where their classic characters are re-introduced to a new generation of comic book readers, especially to those who don't want to read the older stories, origins and all that. Of course, some of the characters are a little bit altered (like their origin stories and physical appearances), but that doesn't make it less fun.
Anyway, story goes as this: Dr. Bruce Banner, the lead scientist who was assigned by the American superspy group code-named S.H.I.E.L.D to re-create the super-soldier serum (the one that made sickly Steve Rogers into a enhanced super-soldier named Captain America in 1945) in order to create more super powered humans, went nuts (mainly because of jealousy) and injected himself of the serum and turned into the rampaging monster The Hulk - killing 800,000 people in New York City including innocent kids - until the newly formed superhero group The Ultimates , apprehended him.

To cut the story short, Banner was sentenced to death by the US Government and he gets blown off using a 1 billion megaton bomb... or so it seemed. General Nick Fury (leader of S.H.I.E.L.D and is Samuel L. Jackson), finding out that Bruce Banner is still alive, finds the most dangerous X-Man of them all - Wolverine, and tells him to assassinate Bruce Banner (and the Hulk at the same time).

Who's gonna win you say? We don't even need to debate about that. Cmon, a 20-foot green monster against a 5-foot mutant who's main weapon is his unbreakable Adamantium bones and claws... 

You might think Wolverine might just win because of his healing factor and all that... but think again. 

There's only one word to describe this: OUCH.
I gotta say, Wolverine's one tough SOB - with or without limbs
Not if Hulk is angry... and I mean real angry. 

Full of non-stop action and a little bit of humor, this 6-issue miniseries will surely entertain you 'till the last page. No kidding. I loved the quick paced story and  witty dialogue by David Lindeloff, the surprises, sexy chicks, the humor, and Wolverine's spirit panda (If you wanna know what in the blue hell a panda's got to do with Wolverine, just read the freaking  comic book).

Leinil Yu's art is fantastic as ever. I seriously love the guy's style, which he describes as "pseudo-dynamic-realism". His attention to detail has developed over the years and it definitely shows in this book. Awesome illustrative storytelling, paired with a clear and crisp style that no one in the business has today. The guy was born to draw... and in my opinion, he draws the most kick-ass Wolverine I have ever seen. Nobody  else comes close.

And if there is one thing that I learned from reading this comic - never ever piss the Hulk. Especially with  the name Betty Ross (Banner's ex-girlfriend) coming out of your mouth.

Yup. That's it.

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  1. Great little write up! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hadn't read the whole 6 issues and just needed a quick summary. Thanks!