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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Does Batman Even Celebrate Christmas?

Since the yuletide season has arrived and Christmas is around the corner, let us see how our superhero friends, especially the Dark Knight are spending their time during Christmas. We all know that Batman doesn't smile a lot, loves shadows and the night, so it would be interesting to see him celebrate one of the most bright and lively days of the year.

We got some visual aids for you so you can see how The Bat celebrates Christmas through the years.

So he does celebrate Christmas based from this cover from Batman #45. He's got gifts, acts like Santa Claus with Robin and jumping out from that box for dramatic effect. Bat-and-pixie-in-a-box.

From Batman # 15. Way way back his early days.

This one is the cover of Batman 27. Batman and Robin helping good 'ol Santa with his gifts. He's all smiles you see? Never thought he could do that before.

Just found this on Google images so i don't know if this is from a comic book, but I think not. Anyway, Bats is not to happy to see Santa join the JLA. Don't you think he's a big kill-joy?

Another pic from Google Images.And guess who's not smiling. Right.

I love this portrait from Alex Ross. He perfectly illlustrates the JLA furnishing that big christmas tree and everybody is happy doing it. But what strikes me most is that Superman notices the lonely Batman looking from outside and calls him out to join them. I felt sorry for Batman when I first saw this, but overall a great portrait showing the real Spirit of Christmas.

The Batman himself getting "The Tumbler" as his christmas gift? You gotta be kidding me. They should've included this in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight".

If you thought that the previous image was sweet, check this one where Batman gives a gift to Jim Gordon. Thoughtful isn't it?

But I guess after all the cheesyness of Batman giving gifts, smiling, hitting on Grandpa Jim and all that, everything would be ruined if you mention the words "parents" and "Christmas" in a single sentence:

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  1. Picture #4 is from JLA #60, a great issue in which Plastic Man removes his sidekick Woozy Winks' nephew's doubts about Santa by telling him the story of how Santa joined the JLA: