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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cool Superhero and Celebrity Artworks From deviantArt

Was just browsing the web for some pictures and I decided to create this entry and compile all of the coolest artworks i found from the best artists on deviantArt, which includes top notch artists for Marvel and DC Comics.  I don't want to focus solely on comic book characters here so I threw in a couple of classic characters from movies, cartoons, TV, and games.

Thanks to all these fantastic artists for sharing their wonderful works. And without further ado, here are the best deviantArt has to offer:

[Click on the images to enlarge]

 Power Girl sketch by *AdamHughes

 Iron Man by *AlexGarner

TMNT in color by martegodpopo

 GhostRider airbrushed by ~nachomolina

 The Flash airbrush by 'Artgerm

 Batman - Birds of Prey 07 cover by 'Artgerm

 Padme and Yoda by *AdamHughes

The Godfather by ~dsnGiap

DOTA: Rogue Knight vs Butcher by *kunkka

One of my faves. Supergirl by ~abraolucas

The Dragon by kse332

Michael Jackson by ismaelalvarez

Cover for Superman #674 by RenatoGuedes


X-Men Legacy #242 Cover by *leinilyu

 You gotta love the style and detail on this one. by marciotakara

 X-Men this time by marciotakara

Thor Cover by mikemayhew

 Wonder Woman #604 cover by AlexGarner

Green Arrow by AlexGarner

 Star Wars Sith by *wraithdt

 Lara Croft by *JoeJusko

and finally the greatest hero in this gallery...

  Jose Rizal by tagasanpablo

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