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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iron Man Art Show from Hot Toys' 10th Anniversary Event

Having the internet is a thing of beauty and it allows you to discover things that you would normally see in a daily basis. Came across a website called, where they showcase and review some of the best and toy creations out there today which designs ranges from anime, cartoons, comic book characters and many more. Its definitely for toy fans and for the young at heart.

So much for the introductions. Tomopop apparently has featured Hot Toys' 10th Anniversary celebration from Tokyo, Japan featuring their custom made Iron Man movie toys and Iron Man statues that vary in design.  Japs really have a knack for creating something unique and they did just that with the Iron Man armor and I dare say people, Tony Stark with their crazy designs.   Man, I wanna have one of those right now. 

Take a look at some of my favorites from their gallery after the jump:

Mickey Rourke would surely be happy when he sees this.

Cmon NASA, you gotta make one of these.

Archangel Iron Man.

Looks like a Ninja Iron Man to me with that blade there.

Haha! I told ya' Japs are creative people.

Who wants Iron Man for NASCAR?

Soooo ridiculous. Iconic Bruce Lee jumpsuit and pose + Iron Man = AWESOME

Yup. I told ya' Tony's got a new twist from the start didn't I?

Thanks to Tokyo Hunter for showing these amazing photos.  For the full gallery click here.

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