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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Cool Toys From Hot Toys' Anniversary Blast

I'm not doing anything right now and since this is toy day, then lets get rollin' with more of Hot Toys' new figures featuring Iron Man, Thor, Spidey, and a couple of celebrities like Indiana Jones, the Predator, the Terminator, the zombie killing Alice from the Resident Evil films, and Bruce Lee!  I just can't get enough of these wonderful pieces of art.

Go see 'em all by clicking the link after the jump.

[images courtesy of and Tokyo Hunter. For the gallery, click here]

Iron Man's Mark V Armor as seen in Iron Man 2

"Im your friendly neighborhood!"

Damage has never been this cool.

Thor. Just like in the movie.

Zombie Batman. Isn't it pretty?
The Spirit of Vengeance: Ghost Rider. Oh, Nick Cage's head is there too. Say hi!
Harrison Ford still looks cool as a toy.

Hasta la vista, baby. |

Predator growling: *Gibberish* Its still scary though.

I wish they included some zombies in here.

Bruce Lee in his Enter the Dragon outfits. Purely classic.

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