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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Opening up 2011 with The Walking Dead

After a couple of days of celebrating the new year and eating non-stop, its finally time to get back to business.

First thing I did was to watch AMC's The Walking Dead tv series and was able to get a dvd for the first season (or so I thought). 

Well, it was good as it was advertised, they stuck with the comic book storyline mostly but the thing that really made it better was the addition of some scenes and plot lines that we're never in the graphic novel. I think it was good move by the producers because you don't want to just religiously stick the source material all the time and just copy it (Watchmen, anyone?).  I felt like I was into a different story even though I had finished reading the book and to me that's a good thing. Gives off a feel of surprise and unpredictability even for the hardcore fans of the comic.

The zombies are just plain great. I mean, I said "eewww" and "yuck!" a couple of times seeing all those grotesque and gruesome images - zombie eating rats, a zombie being butchered, and one that is scavenging a body of a big deer with all  the blood, spleens, kidneys and stuff that you would only see in a slaughter house. Wow. Its cinematic genius.

And who would have thought that we would never see such an A-grade, over-the-top drama series with zombies? But here we are finsihed with the first season and are already waiting for the 2nd with 13 freaking episodes. It doesn't get any better than that. 

Now if I can only be one of those zombie extras.

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  1. i am a fan of this series. they say that second season won't be out until october... bummer.