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Monday, January 3, 2011

Jay Tablante's Uber-Realistic Comic Cosplay Portraits

You may never have heard Jay Tablante's name before, but if you look at his deviantArt page, you are sure to remember his name as soon as you see his fabulous work. He's got a gallery filled with 5-star rated cosplay photo portraits featuring some Filipino actors/actresses in iconic comic book character costumes that reeks of Hollywood-awesomeness. 

But the best thing about it is they are 100% Filipino made. Way to go Jay!

Anyway, here are my favorites from his gallery, featuring your favorite comic book  characters! Oh you gonna love 'em.

[Click on the jump for more images]

The White Queen: X-Men's Emma Frost

Elektra Natchios

Classic Psylocke

I never thought that Paolo Paraiso would make such a good Gambit.

Silk Spectre in all her fiery glory.

Bianca King as Zatanna

A Neil Gaiman approved portrait of Death

By far my favorite of them all - a remake of Jim Lee's classic Rogue panel with Rhian Ramos as the model

You might want to give this guy a call to do your next photoshoot. I know you do.

[images via Jay Tablante's deviantart gallery]

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