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Friday, January 14, 2011

First Photo Of Andrew Garfield As The New SpiderMan

Move over Tobey Maguire, a new-kid is in town and he looks like just about ready to prove all doubters wrong. Well at least for now, with this first official photo of Andrew Garfield as our beloved friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

In case you don't know yet, Sony has decided to reboot the whole SpiderMan franchise so no more Tobey and Kirsten Dunst this time around. The movie would feature a new story, a new villain, and for sure a new costume for our web-slinging hero. And I gotta admit, this new Spidey sports his new costume pretty well - he looks skinnier and younger (perfect for a teenage Peter Parker), he's all wet, battered and dirty, and his costume reeks of awesomeness. Check it out after the jump.

[click on image the a larger version]

Dingy, dirty, and battered Spiderman. Wow, this just might work.

Now tell me that isn't cool. 

Purists might disagree with me because as you can see from the pic, the costume was revamped with a new style, a kind of garbled Spidey insignia at the middle, no more belt on the waist and finally, the tweaks they did on the wrists and gloves. And look closely on the wrists - there is some kind of metallic discs protruding there - a hint that the movie might sport the mechanical web-shooters that Peter Parker created originally in the comics. As long time comic ans already know, Peter never had organic web-shooters b(ecause the irradiated spider that bit him gave him all known Spider powers except for the shooters), so he decided to create one of his own.

Hmmm... that wouldn't be a bad idea after all. What do you think of the costume? Is it yay - or - nay?

[Image courtesy of Superherohype]

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