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Monday, January 10, 2011

Off To A Lazy Start

The Christmas season is over and so the budgets are back to square one. And when I mention square one, that means - zero. Folks have abruptly stopped buying all kinds of stuff right after January 01, 2011 and that was always the trend every year since the worldwide economic struggles began.

Good thing I made most out of the opportunity last month to gain slightly more revenue than I usually generate, because this month is just plain lazy. Almost no calls at all, I ain't selling stuff that much after the first week -and I know it is early, but still, it doesn't look like very good to me.

But I'm not talking it too seriously, I will just tread water for right now, take it easy, enjoy the fruits of my labor, go to work everyday and give it my 100%, all of that while reading a lot of Fables. Bill Willingham just got me hooked.

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