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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine Email... (With A Little Bit Of Help From Some Comic Nerds And Mark Millar)

This isn't the card that I sent. 

Just sent an email to my girlfriend a couple of minutes ago.  We're actually going to celebrate our 1st year anniversary this coming Saturday, so yeah, I feel all warm and cuddly right now writing this. I just feel mightily blessed.

But first, I have to thank the guys at ComicsAlliance, Chris Haley (of LetsBeFriendsAgain) and the incomparable Mark Millar for creating awesome valentine cards featuring our favorite comic book heroes. Now, we finally got something bad-ass to send to our parents, girlfriend(s), ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, uncles, crushes, flings or whoever (Click on the ComicsAlliance link for the cards).

Okay! *Ahem* ... my letter  goes something like this...

You’re always my Wonder Girl, my Supergirl, and my Lois Lane… And my cute Hit Girl for that matter, because you hit me (and my heart) harder than anybody else.

Oh, I actually asked that purple-wearing and sword-slashing 12-year old to send my kick-ass message to you:

I love you always. 

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