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Thursday, February 17, 2011

And Our TV Wonder Woman Is...

... the 5'11 blonde bombshell, Adrianne Palicki.

I honestly don't know this girl, but from the picture it seems like she's got the looks and the height needed for the role, but they could've gotten a better looking actress, no? Like someone who looks MORE like an amazon warrior with that cool glamour - and not to mention - natural titties. (those transplants are kind of annoying). But I gotta admit: this girl is not afraid to show A LOT OF SKIN. (try Googling her)

Acting wise, I haven't watched her any of her shows personally, but looking at her IMDB section, it seems to me that she hasn't got any big time roles that showcases her abilities so I'm a little bit worried about how would she act this one out.

Anyway, she will be playing the titular role of Wonder Woman - who in this series is going to be reinvented as a "cimefighting-vigilante" based in LA. Not only that, she would be playing 2 alter-egos as well: one as  multi-billionaire CEO Diana Themyscira, and then second, as Diana's assistant - Diana Prince.

Wow, that assistant thingy is also getting me scared right now. Why make things so complicated? What do you think guys? 

1 comment:

  1. i know this girl, i've seen her on supernatural but her appearance was a little bit too short to determine if she has "it." but i am not going to judge her just yet, they picked her for a reason you know.
    let's hope she'd do justice to the wonder woman role.