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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Gets Snubbed At Oscars!

I recently read the nominees for the Best Visual Effects category in the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards which had fairly good movies vying for that particular title (image courtesy of

... wait. Something's missing here.

 No Scott Pilgrim vs The World? As in nothing? How could that be? This is an effin' travesty!

In case you don't know yet, SPvTW is one of the best comic book movies of 2010 according to the survey conducted by our guys at ComicbookMovie  and a lot of comic book fans agree on that as well. And in my opinion, it certainly had the sickest visual effects that you could ever find in a movie. Seriously. Its like a comic book brought to life, its packed with a lot of badassery, and would certainly give you a dose of that 1UP generated nostalgia since your childhood Nintendo days (for those of you ignorant species out there, 1UP is the best thing ever invented in video game history. Google it). Its just so damn good! Describing it to you right now through words and pictures will never ever do it justice. You gotta get your damn home theater set, sit your ass on a chair and watch it. 

Shame on the Academy for snubbing this. the 7 exes will come for ya' niggas! 

The story is based on the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim by Brian Lee O'Malley about a teenage Canadian-rocker named Scott Pilgrim who falls in love for "the girl of his dreams (literally)" - delivery girl Ramona Flowers. But little did Scott know that he has to fight Ramona's "7 evil exes" before he is able to date her.  It stars Michael Cera in the lead role and the sizzling-hot Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona. Brandon "Superman" Routh and Chris "Cap" Evans also star in supporting roles as two of the 7 evil exes. (How's that for a cast? Not bad huh.)

So for all its amazing  old school video-game/Nintendo-ish/comic-book inspired CGI that totally blows off  the effort from the guys who created the effects for Iron Man 2, how come this didn't made it on the list? Snubbed? Possibly. And we will never know the reason behind it. 

The film didn't garner much attention maybe because of being stereotyped as a spin-off from a non-mainstream comic book/comic book character, and therefore failed at the box office. Anyway, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera)  isn't as popular as Iron Man (Downey Jr), Inception (Nolan + DiCaprio) or even freaking Alice in Wonderland right (except for comic book junkies)? But it had a lot of positive reviews from critics, made a hell of a lot better on home video, and sort of had a cult following after its release on theaters. And again, THIS MOVIE IS TOO DAMN GOOD FOR ANYBODY TO MISS. 

Okay, enough of the B.S. Check out the trailer for this movie below and then watch the DVD. I'm gonna bet that you would want to go on "Eff-You-Mode" after watching it.  (I'm still bitter it wasn't even nominated which makes me wanna hammer somebody now .... like this). 

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