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Friday, July 8, 2011

Grant Morrison On Action Comics #1: "Superman Doesn't Stop Moving..."

Renowned Scottish writer Grant Morisson (All-Star Superman) is writing Action Comics #1 for the new DC Universe and he talks about writing his latest incarnation of Superman in his latest Orbiting Pod podcast:

“Superman doesn’t stop moving all the way through so it’s really like as if the cameras on him for twenty pages and he never stops moving at any point… can you story where you don’t do cuts and you just follow this guy cos he’s constantly moving so fast and doing interesting things all the time. It completely changes the form.”

Superman is the most powerful being on Earth, and the idea of him moving non-stop is cool and intriguing at the same time. I'm tired of Superman just standing there and yapping readers to boredom with his old-school cliches, but I also don't want to see him move about and around doing nonsense. It has to be a balance of both.  

Its interesting to see as to what and how Morrison will entertain readers with a fresh take on Big Blue, and fans will find that out come September when Action Comics #1 is released.

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