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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cover Of DC's "New 52" Free Preview Book Shows Sinestro and A Bare-Legged Wonder Woman

This just in from The Source: the cover for the preview book promoting their "NEW 52" titles that will be available for free via your local comic ships on July 20 and  on the day of the International San Diego Comic Con.  

Here is the enlarged image:

Sorry for those GL fans who might have been spoiled by that Sinestro picture at the bottom, but yes, its confirmed - Sinestro will be a member of the GL Corps (again) in Green Lantern #1. Villain for years, now part of the gang once more. But I'm pretty sure he will be a bad guy eventually. Sinestro is such an ass that Johns has no choice but to make him wear the yellow. Interesting idea though, I have to admit.

But GL spoilers aside, here's another interesting thought on that cover. See that Wonder Woman image at the top? Okay...let's compare that with the first version of the image released months ago:

If ya'll remember - the Cliff Chiang's original art for WW #1 had that leggings. Now based on that cover, its now gone. Looks like Diana's back with her classic bare-legged attire, and that she's actually okay with the idea of getting her Themiscyran legs getting wounded. 

With that said, I think its better to have that leggings on. What do you think?

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