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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Scene In "Superman: Returns"... And Its Not Even In The Movie

Yes. There's a deleted scene in the film which should have been included by director Bryan Singer. The scene shows Superman (played by the perfectly casted Brandon Routh) in his Kryptonian ship traveling into the barren-wastelands of his former home - Krypton - filled with radioactive rocks better known as kryptonite: the only known substance that could weaken, hurt and even kill the Man of Steel.

This to me, is the best scene in the film, had it been included by Singer. Imagine seeing this instead of the boring narrative introduction and Krypton blowing all of a sudden. Superman Returns would have been better.

Oh well, at least you can still watch the deleted scene below:

[from ComicsAlliance via ToplessRobot]

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