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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Babe Of The Day: Tanya Tate (And A Chance To Have Lunch With Her at SDCC!)

I have featured three awesome Green Lantern cosplay babes here in my blog before, and one of them is  "cosplay extraordinaire" Tanya Tate (she's the blonde in the Arisia costume).

But at the time of me posting her picture, I didn't really know her name but she looked somewhat familiar to me.

Then after a couple of weeks I got an email from somebody thanking me for posting her cosplay pic on my blog, and guess who it was:

Tanya Tate herself.

So I immediately Googled her and lo and behold, I suddenly realized why she looked familiar: she is that same Tanya Tate - the popular British adult film performer (pornstar). And because I'm a dude, I have seen my fair share of porn videos and Tanya's films are just a couple of those I have enjoyed.

Did I replied back to her email? Oh hell yes. Tanya's very nice to talk to (at least based from our email exchange) and I'm pretty sure she's just like that up close and personal.

Anyway, she has been unleashing her inner geek and is making rounds in Comic-Cons lately. She has also opened her SFW (safe for work) cosplay site where fans could see her in spandex, giving her own spin on characters such as Emma Frost, Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) and many more. 

And from her most recent email, she said that she is actually thinking of shooting some of her adult films in superhero costume but is quite hesitant because she doesn't know what the reaction will be. 

Let shed some insight on that. You know what I think of Emma Frost or Sue Storm or any of our favorite comic book babes in a porn film? AWESOME. So I will tell Tanya to just go ahead and do it for all of the geeks & and most importantly - for mankind.

Check some of her bad-ass (and ridiculously sexy) cosplay images and also know how to get a lunch date with Tanya herself by helping her create a personalized costume - all after the jump.

R2D2 must be really happy.

Doom choke!

Tanya loves Bobba Fetts... and Vader. She just knows what guys are thinking.


More puppies!

2 black guys and Tanya. Nice.

I'm sure Batman is having a "hard time" here.

Yeah and this Clark too.

Come on GL, you gotta create something for Tanya.

That Iron Man costume is fantastic. And he's got Tanya!

A sexy Emma and Scarlet Witch. What is not to like here?

Ooh. The Hammer.

Bad-ass. That shield prop is something.

Now here's the best part. You have the chance to win a lunch date with Tanya herself at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con on July 23. How? Read her email transcript below:

Win A Lunch Date With TANYA TATE At Comic Con!

Tanya is looking to her creative fans to design her next superhero costume.

For Immediate Release: July 1st, 2011

(Los Angeles, CA) Superhero “Cosplayer Extraordinaire” Tanya Tate ( is looking for a new costume! The British babe has been cosplaying at comic conventions for the last year, wearing the easily identifiable uniforms of some of the genre’s greatest superheroes. Now Tanya wants to add a more personalized costume to her repertoire and she is reaching out to the comic community to give her a hand. Tanya has launched a contest where entrants design her superhero costume. The winner of the contest will receive a lunch date with Tanya during Comic Con.

“I’ve been wanting my own costume for awhile now,” said Tanya. “I think it would be fun to do something that coincides with Comic Con. I just hope the winner doesn’t mind having lunch with me dressed as a superhero.”

Superhero costume designers are encouraged to take part with the winner being announced on July 18th. The winner will be chosen by Tanya based on which design she likes best. The winning costume designer will receive a lunch date with Tanya on Saturday, July 23rd in San Diego.  Tanya will take said winner out to lunch at one of the restaurants located in Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. Winner must be in San Diego on July 23rd and must be 18 or older. More information may be found on Tanya’s superhero cosplay blog,

Tanya has been a hit in the comic community since she first donned a superhero costume for the first time at San Diego Comic Con in 2010. News sites from,, and to,, and have all featured Tanya. recently showcased the costumed cutie in a feature called “Tanya Tate: Cosplayer Extraordinaire.” Tanya has been named the Cosplay Girl of the Month by in April of 2011 and  in June 2011 Tanya was anointed’s first ever Geek Babe of the Month! Her superhero cosplay and news blog, has been skyrocketing in popularity since it launched just a few short months ago. In addition to her daily updates on, Tanya has also landed writing gigs for and

What do you think Tanya would wear when fighting crime? Design a costume for this sexy superhero and you may end up having lunch with her during Comic Con!
For more Tanya Tate, please visit the Tanya Tate network:

How awesome is that? Some lucky guy is gonna spend some quality time with the luscious Tanya, and it might be you. So give it your best shot and hope that Tanya will pick your design! 

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