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Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Thoughts: The Problem With Teaser Pics and Gazillion TV Spots

In today's uber-interactive world where just everything can be shared online, people get a glimpse of many trailers, teaser pics and TV spots of a specific movie even before it hits theaters. 

The problem with this is that it SPOILS the excitement and the mystery of the film, and when we finally get to watch the movie we often feel like we didn't see anything new or surprising. 

We don't feel satisfied unlike the good ol days where trailers are only shown twice, and nobody's leaking out commercials and exclusive set pictures. People get to enjoy the thrill of knowing absolutely nothing about the movie and as a result, people get to enjoy the film more.

While getting the first peek sounds really cool, it doesn't really help viewers in the long run so with that said, I have decided not to click too much on links that leakout information, pictures, and videos on a certain film - especially with superhero movies. In short, I'm gonna do myself a favor and do some damage control.

I may watch a two trailers and look at a few pics here and there, but if I think something is going to spoil me big time... nah, I'm gonna forget about it.

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