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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Hood's Misplaced Junk!!!

Here's the cover to DC's new Red Hood series coming out in September. Looks like an awesome cover isn't it? But look closely - there's more than meets the eye in there.

Still haven't seen it?

ComicsAlliance pointed out that something yesterday and I'm just re-posting it here.

See, if you look real close on Red Hood's thighs... you'll see that an image of the male genitalia is clearly depicted there. It cannot be more clearer. The shape and the anatomy is spot on, but its kinda misplaced don't you think? Who ever drew this could've at least arranged Red Hood's junk so it would look better. A little bit to right, yes?

Other notes: I love Starfire and her big... hair. And the porn outfit too! Somebody should try to cosplay that one!

Finally, what's up with the fucking baseball cap on Arsenal's head? Ridiculously funny.

Good job DC! Finally showing some attention (at least) towards your female audience, huh?

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