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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Entertainment Weekly's "The Avengers" Set Photos Featuring Bobblehead ScarJo

We are all excited for the ultimate superhero team up aren't we? Okay. Now, dig on these exclusive set photos from Entertaintment Weekly featuring EVERYBODY.

This looks great, but fuck - what is wrong with Thor's nose (bad photoshopping), Captain America looking awfully confused, ScarJo's bobblehead and Mark Ruffallo with that stare?


Okay, that's pretty cool stuff - everyone together in one room, Chris Evans in that perfect man-out-of-time civilian outfit, and finally Samuel L. Jackson gets to fire a weapon (it took him 4 feature films to do that, shit).

But the best part of this tease are these pictures of the oh so fine Scarett Johansson (whose nude photos were leaked for everybody to see a couple of weeks ago):

Damn. Even the buildings can't resist. ScarJo's causing a lot of explosions all over the place by just standing there. Must be the awesome bum.

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