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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The First Official "Avengers" Trailer [Video]

I'm not kidding folks. This is our first glimpse of the bad-ass superhero movie. Yeah I'm putting it down already: THIS. MOVIE. IS. BAD-ASS.

Especially Tony Stark's last line. 

Couple of notes about the trailer and what could be expected in the film:

- there will be a lot of butting-heads early in the movie (naturally)
- Captain America is reminding us that he is not only a gymnastic-shield throwing artist, but also a military man trained to kill using fucking machineguns.
- Nick Fury finally gets something to shoot at.
- There will be SKRULLS invading earth and then there's Loki creating the fiasco.
- Black Widow is still bad-ass just like she was in Iron Man 2.
- Thor vs Cap? Nah. That Captain America is a Skrull posing as Cap.
- Wow, HULK is actually there!
- Hawkeye flinching his bow. Pfft. Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) > Clint Barton (Hawkeye) any day of the week.
-  Finally... and as always... Robert Downey Jr is gonna carry this film.

Now time to watch it again.

[via CBR]

Directed by Josh Whedon.

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