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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comic Book Review: The Walking Dead # 81

The Walking Dead #81
Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard
Published by Image Comics


Alright, so I'm back with the latest issue of one of the best serials out there and one of my favorites too, The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore. And we got a very interesting build-up following issue #80.

By the end of the last issue, we see Jessie kissing Rick and I was thinking what was gonna happen. Is he going to nail her (yeah, I automatically think about sex haha)? And to the best of my expectations, yes folks, Rick nailed the widow (and just to refresh your memory, Jessie is the wife of the guy Rick killed last issue. ). Some might think that what happened between them is wrong... and maybe they're right, but on the other side, this is human nature we are talking about here.

Two lonely people who just lost their loved ones in the most horrifying situation you could ever imagine, and I think that its natural to do anything that would make them sleep at night or at least feel that "inner peace" even if its just for a very short time. Doesn't matter who's taking advantage of who, the point is, whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and get your head off all the shit that's happening so you won't lose your sanity - then you do it. And true to Rick's telephone situation - sleeping with Jessie kind of got him straight a little bit. He's beginning to realize that her wife is already dead and is no longer coming back and that the conversations he made with her on the phone is just him drifting out of touch. 

We also see the other couples in their own peaceful moments, trying to cope up with the whole situation just like Rick. Kirkman's trying to build up most of the characters mainly to keep the realism intact  because that telephone thing with our boy Rick has to go already -- and fast. I'm glad he realized that. 

I also liked Glenn taking in charge of a situation where they have to get across to the other side of the fence with all the zombies so they could deliver goods to Andrea. Good suspense right there with the rope snapping scene too. Thought they one guy was gonna die.

And just when I thought that nobody's going to get killed and that everybody has everything figured out with that one piece of the fence that's waiting to come down, Kirkman then releases the beasts. As you already know, the fence gives way and we're in for another "OH SHIT" zombies-on-the-loose moment and one guy gets his intestines torn to shreds. Nasty. Rick and the black guy can't seem to fend the zombies off and are fighting for their very lives once again and now I wonder what would happen next after that last panel. They're pretty fucked up. I'm sure Kirkman has something to surprise us next issue.

This is a good issue after all the teasing from issue #80 though it doesn't have anything major except for that stupid fence and Rick's newfound sex partner... err... rather relationship. Still, Kirkman and Adlard knows what their fans want and what made this series click so they are sticking with what works. If it ain't broke, then don't fix right? Hopefully that come issue #82 or #83, we will be able to get in to the thick of things and see some shocking revelations or scenes that would blow our brains out. Kirkman isn't afraid of killing one of his major characters anyway, proven before when he killed Lori and Tyreese way back. We need more of that thing.

Just one question: why is it that Tony Moore is the one who's getting most of the credit for the successful TWD TV show?  I don't get it. 

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