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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Weekend Recap - 03/20/11

I thought of doing this recap thing every week (that is if I had done a lot of things during my day-offs) where I would talk about the different things that I did and saw during the weekend... in short, just about anything under the sun - and I said to myself: "That would be a great idea for my blog!", since I don't have much time to write during work hours unlike before. So, without further ado, the first ever Comically Graphic Weekend Recap:



This is not my dvd box, but I own one. Finally.

Bought an original DVD copy  of the DC Original Animated Series All-Star Superman based on the Eisner-winning graphic novel by writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely. The packaging is awesome, the dvd box art is simply stunning and its definitely worth adding to my Superman collection. Can't wait to watch it soon. The greatest story of Earth's Greatest Protector is finally in my hands. Bwahahaha! *evil smirk*


Anyone who has played a Bioware video game RPG like Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Star Wars KOTR is aware of how amazing it is to beat game and have the final boss kneeling before you asking for mercy. And what a great feeling it was beating Mephistopheles in critcally-acclaimed old school Bioware game NeverWinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark. Its like my d*ck just grew to 8 inches total. Haha. He was a piece of cake using my level 27 Fighter/Rogue/Blackguard who totally massacred him. I wish he was tougher.. But thank you Bioware for the experience. Great game. I'm gonna come back again with an arcane archer this time and hunt his ass one more time.


Watched "I Am Number Four" with my girlfriend yesterday and we both thought that it was a nice movie. If you are the type who doesn't want any of the complicated storylines and a lot of the boring "30 minute talk" scenes in some films and just want some good 'ol fashioned "come on let's get this over with and kick-some damn ass" action scenes with a lot of cool visual effects - then this is the movie for you. 

The story is simple: John Smith is an alien from another planet (of course), his kind is being hunted down by the bad guys (three have already been killed and he is the 4th on the list - hence the movie title) who are also plotting a massive planatary- scale invasion and therefore, he has to control all of his new found powers, find his other alien friends and beat the ugly, baldheaded monsters to ashes before they kill him and the people he cares for. 

During the first minutes of the movie, I immediately realized the similarities of the plot to Smallville - and not suprisingly because during the credits it was shown that the screenplay was written by the two former producers who started the ongoing Superman-based TV series - Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. And since the movie is produced by Transformers director Michael Bay, I Am Number Four packs some bad-ass sci-fi action scenes, CGI and special effects that you will surely enjoy despite the loopholes in the plot. Not a bad film overall in my opinion. 


Had dinner with my former online friends (former because they had become my friends in real life now) and it was a blast. A whole night of good food and laughter. Its wonderful how the internet connects the dots in your life and adds more dots connected to your life - oh the power of teh Intarwebz.  LOL. 


And finally, Happy 13th Month to me and my cuddly bear. We almost forgot it last night because we're just so damn tired. Yep, its 1 year and a month now and still going strong. Time goes by so fast.

So that's it for this week! Back to work now. 

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