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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jimmy Olsen's New Look...

I haven't read a single issue of the Jimmy Olsen Specialwhich is described (at least according to Wikipedia) as a monthly backup for Action Comics focusing on the the adventures of Jimmy Olsen in Metropolis. And after stumbling on the DCU blog The Source with a picture of our favorite Superman sidekick, I just got more interested in reading this to see what the writers has to offer. Besides,  the  comic book version of Chloe Sullivan (an original character from the TV show Smallville) debuted on this monthly title too so that gives me at least two reasons to pick this one up, including this week's issue. 

Why the sudden interest you say? Click on the jump so you'd see:

Superman's pal wearing the blue, red and yellow. Never thought I would see that in my life. 

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