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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

'Hello Watchmen' Hits With A Lot Of Cuteness Courtesy of Joseph Senior

I have been keeping an eye on Joseph Senior aka yodaflicker's tumblr that features cute Hello Kitty mash-ups mainly because a Hello_Supergirl kitty could pop out anytime. I actually featured his works before (link here) Yeah, I've been patiently waiting for that . Haha. I think its gonna be good.

But for the meantime, he satisfied my Watchmen cravings with these incredible photoshop designs featuring our favorite 5 disgruntled ex-superheros/vigilantes who, in the comic book (written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons), were forced to don their costumes again after one of them was brutally murdered as a part of a cataclysmic conspiracy plot. Now, they're all immortalized (once again) with the most popular feline in the world.

Check them out here and more after the jump.

The indestructible Dr. Manhattan (Jon Osterman)

Arguably the most popular Watchmen of all time. Rorschach (Walter Kovacs)

The cynical Comedian (Edward Blake)

Flabby Nite Owl (Dan Dreiberg)

Silk Spectre. I can't spell her surname.

Cute eh?

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