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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Wonder Woman Set Pics Reveal A Slightly Revamped Costume!

A couple of weeks ago everybody saw the first ever look at Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki with the iconic costume. And while that didn't look that bad in my opinion, I think that it could be improved with a few changes. Well, it seems that the show's producer's heard us and they did some minor tweaks to the wardrobe - and now, it looks absolutely better than the first one. 

So we got the following changes on the costume:
  1. The freaking red boots - they are AWESOME.  One color change on that part changed everything.
  2. Slightly dark blue color on the pants - I like it better than the bright blue before.
  3. Non-latex/plastic pants - Woohoo! That's more like it.
  4. Gold stars on the sides of the thighs - nice addition that gives a more "Wonder" vibe to it.

Now, check out some of the snapshots and a video from the Hollywood set showing Adrianne Palicki and her stunt-double jumping off cars after the cut.

[via our friends from ComicBookMovie]

And I have to admit - after I saw all the pictures and videos, the new costume and the cuteness of Palicki, I got more excited on seeing this show next year. I've got a pretty good vibe on this one now based on what I have seen.


  1. is it me or kahawig nya sa ilang anggulo si mandy moore? anyway i think the new costume is better kesa dun sa unang nilabas. mas credible ika nga.

  2. Wonder women looks fabulous in her new look.I think this look is much better than previous look.

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